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Blog About the Transformation Process

Welcome to My World of Dancing with Life's Constant Shifts

This is my origin story, how I got to be a health enthusiast

For me, the process of taking agency over my health started at a young age. I had many bouts with asthma and allergies since birth and every winter I would end up with back-to-back lung infections, many times visiting the emergency room 3–4 times a season. I was not responding to the antibiotics, one time in the emergency room the doctor administered three adrenaline shots and my lungs were still not filling with air, however, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. The doctor looked at me, and I recall vividly seeing the fear in his eyes as he scrambled to bring the heart rate down with another medication. That was the moment that I lost trust in him, in the meds. That particular winter, I couldn't seem to kick that phlegm out of my lungs, and I started to feel desperate.

At one point in time, I turned to my mother in anguish and exclaimed that I was sick of being sick. She got a book of natural remedies and found one for a natural antibiotic made of cranberry, lemon, and honey, what do ya know, as soon as I started taking it my bronchial tubes seemed to clear up. I remember thinking we were on to something, so I kept going, I read up on herbal teas and started transitioning into vegetarianism. By the time I was 20, I literally threw my inhaler off a cliff and said goodbye to managing my asthma with those awful meds that altered my mood to make me extra aggressive, gave me gastritis, jacked up my heart rate, and gave me hand tremors. It took me at least ten years to be able to draw a straight line, and I am not exaggerating!

Fast Forward

Getting away from the processed foods of my childhood, I learned how to make my food from scratch, went vegan for a time and years later became a flexitarian when I had my son, my body wanted fish and other nutrients to sustain that growing life inside my womb. I learned to eat the nutrients that would provide my baby with optimum development for him to have a healthy start in life. I was dedicated to sprouting and when my son was born, I breastfed him until he was three and made most of his food at home. Proudly, I kept refined sugar at bay until he was five years old, and a family member gave him a soft drink without asking. My own health was better than ever, I almost forgot I ever had asthma and gastritis was long out of the picture.

Becoming a Coach

People I knew came to me for advice on how to lose weight and make changes in their diet, and which herbs to use for their ailments. Over the years, that was a hobby of mine, giving informal consultations to people I cared about. When the pandemic came along, I was burnt out, and teaching online was just awful, it took away the joy of being with my students. The conditions were right for a massive change, as I was unhappy. When I gave myself the space to reflect on what makes me the happiest besides my creative expression, it was a no-brainer! Helping others get to a place where they are thriving brings me joy! Inspiring transformation feels great! Shifting our perspective sometimes takes a catalyst, a spark

I would love to be that spark to fuel your very own journey to thrive! I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter for my weekly tips and book a complimentary consultation so we can connect directly.

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