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Let's cultivate wellbeing

Online Coaching with Nina Raffaele

Breakthrough, expand, thrive & heal together

Meet Nina

Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Intuitive Healer and Healthy Transformation Enthusiast

Nina Raffaele is both a coach and a healing artist, a gift inherited from her Boricua ancestral lineage.  She became interested in traditional herbalism at an early age and searched for alternatives to manage her asthma and allergies. After becoming more healthy, she became passionate about sharing her methods with others as a hobby, especially around holistic nutrition, which made her well!


Fast-forward to COVID, she was facing burnout and exhaustion from survival mode as a teacher so she decided to go back to school to pursue her passion for supporting others to transform their lives! Nina’s coaching style integrates creative energy and vibrational intuition. Her philosophy promotes a lifestyle of simplicity and connectivity with the beautiful world around us. The result is becoming the best version of ourselves.



Nina is certified by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and is enthusiastically supports her clients to cultivate joy in their lives. 


She earned an M.A. in Health and Wellness Coaching from the Maryland University of Integrated Health and has a background in Montessori elementary education, the arts and social justice.

What I Specialize In

Open your mind

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt Habits to Expand By

Set Professional Goals

Women of World Majority

A table is set with bowls of fresh ingredients such as grapes, pears, cilantro, coconut and chili powder. The caption says: "The journey to a healthy lifestyle is one of self-discovery and love. Start with one step..."

The journey to the highest expression of ourselves is one of self-discovery and love.


Start with one step....

“I loved having the opportunity to work with Nina as my Health & Wellness Coach. Nina was excellent in her encouragement, rather than direction, of my creation of specific goals for my personal growth. Sharing my plans with her was helpful in terms of personal accountability and Nina’s questions helped me reflect on my structure and expectations. My biggest success while working with Nina as my coach was going above and beyond what I would have achieved on my own.”

- Kim Kenyon, Life Coach

Nina Raffaele came into my life when it was most in need of change. Before our sessions I had been through 8 jobs in six months and my interpersonal relationships were struggling. Now, I’m over a year at a veterinary hospital I love and continuing my education, and my relationships and bonds are thriving! Through our sessions, Nina helped me realize my potential and gain access to skills I need to set and meet goals and set and keep boundaries. Nina is a true healer and I can honestly say my life, and myself, are better for having crossed paths and been blessed to work with her.

- Shelby Aho

I spent a 3 day retreat with Nina and she treated me for the following: Joint pain Intro to Vegan diet Walk therapy Eliminating negative thoughts Harnessing my inner power Manifestation Laws of Attraction Bodily and spiritual healing through her powers as a Shamana Mantra therapy and much more…. Nina gave me a specific treatment for healing of current body aches and pains and gave me insight into what was coming on the horizon and how to thwart it. I was given a prescription involving prayer and crystal meditation. I highly recommend Nina. She is warm, humble, intuitive and a professional at her craft. She is also a very gifted jewelry maker. She made me a necklace made from sacred seeds and I will cherish it forever. The cost of all of this was so well spent. I will do it again in 90 days.

- Adrienne Testamark
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