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Why Health & Wellness Coaching?

My work is centered on women of the world majority who have been "othered", consistently excluded by the dominant culture. We survive within a system that is stacked against us. I support my sisters in creating lifestyle habits enabling health, reconnecting with Sacred Feminine Source. Most of us are exhausted from survival, my role is to facilitate a safe and supportive environment as we discover a path to thrive together.

Blooming Women


  • Support igniting motivation

  • Creative superfood cuisine lessons

  • Balance healthy levels of stress

  • Cultivate health prevention 

  • Chronic health condition management 

  • Weight management

  • Wombyn's Empowerment

  • Spiritual Counseling

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Society assigns all of these roles, and frankly, it feels robot-like. We all want to have meaningful lives, not just work to pay bills and go through the motions without fulfilling personal dreams and goals.
Pressures and obligations are so overwhelming. There seems to be no time for ourselves. That is why health & wellness coaching is so important!
Having an environment of encouragement created by a coach accompanying you to find your own path to vitality is critical!  Being witnessed is powerful and affirming, and then success and self-validation grow.
I won't tell you what to do; I only provide opportunities for you to ignite a shift and commit to your unique recipe of habits to create and sustain the life you want and deserve!



  • As a coach, I accompany and guide you kind of like a GPS; you are in the driver's seat, in total control

  • Coaching is judgment free no opinions will be expressed about anything shared in a session

  • Strictly confidential

  • Clients are the experts on themselves; coaches provide support, planning, and structures

  • Ignite your motivation to heal yourself

  • Consistently add movement to your daily routine

  • Practice actioning adjustment mechanisms

  • Learn how to live in the moment

  • Create individualized simple nutritious menus

  • Creative healthy  culinary education

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